San Joaquin County Amateur Radio Emergency Services

The San Joaquin County Amateur Radio Emergency Services is composed of FCC licensed Amateur Radio operators who have voluntarily registered their capabilities and equipment for public service communications duty under Federal regulations, Amateur Radio public service communications are furnished without any compensation of any kind. ARES® personnel are prepared to respond during emergencies by a continual training program, and by maintaining their radio equipment and other response items in excellent condition. The team consists only of those who want to help, and who are dedicated to staying prepared to render radio-communications assistance during emergency conditions.

ARES® operates under the authority of the San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services (OES), and the San Joaquin County Assistant Director for OES. ARES® is organized under the auspices of the American Radio Relay League, the San Joaquin Valley Section Manager, and the San Joaquin Valley Section District Emergency Coordinator. Operational control is under the county OES.

All interested persons should contact :

San Joaquin County Emergency Coordinator – Bob – N6TCE –

Download ARRL ARES Membership Form Here